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HUSTLE. A novel by Tom Pitts.

Two young hustlers, caught in an endless cycle of addiction and prostitution, decide to blackmail an elderly client of theirs. Donny and Big Rich want to film Gabriel Thaxton with their cell phones during a sexual act and put the video up on YouTube. Little do they know, the man they’ve chosen, a high-profile San Francisco defense attorney, is already being blackmailed by someone more sinister: an ex-client of the lawyer’s. A murderous speed freak named Dustin has already permeated the attorney’s life and Dustin has plans for the old man.

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Some early praise for HUSTLE:

Tom Pitts’ HUSTLE is the kind of in-your-face street level noir that American crime fiction hasn’t seen in a long, long time. Frankly, not many writers have either the balls or the talent to pull it off. Pitts has both in spades. Bold, honest and daring.” —Todd Robinson The Hard Bounce

Tom Pitts is part of a rare and dying breed, a self-taught, instinctual writer whose tight, pitch-perfect prose was honed the old-fashioned way by reading and walking the seedy alleys of life. Hustle is quick-paced and dark, at once sad and funny as hell, with a Jim Thompson-esque cast of characters and echoes of Bukowski in its poetic sensitivity. Pitts’ own experiences on the streets of San Francisco make Hustle a novel unlike any you’ve read before. I love this book.” —Ro Cuzon Under the Dixie Moon

What makes Hustle such a remarkable book—and Tom Pitts such a formidable writer—is the juxtaposition of literary tradition versus street ethos. Hustle pushes boundaries and challenges the peripheral but not at the expense of story, which zips along the dirty streets of San Francisco to tell a terrifying tale, the likes of which, I promise you, you’ve never heard before. This is in-the-trenches, first-hand, in-your-face reportage, from a who knows what it takes to survive those streets. Unflinching and without apology.” —Joe Clifford Junkie Love, Lamentation

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    […] Hustle by Tom Pitts Tom Pitts describes himself as having received his education at first hand on the streets of San Francisco. He has produced several short stories in the pulp sub-genre and his latest work is a long way from being a jolly April Fool caper. Expect pimps, whores, drugs, and gutter level violence, all played out in the city where Pitts learned his skills. The book is peopled with lost souls like Donny, Dustin, Bear and Big Rich who interact sometimes with brutality but occasionally with compassion, as they try to find their next fix and operate their next scam. Hustle will be released in USA on 1 April. For UK publications, watch this space! More info […]


    […] Hustle, your novel, is out now and in print – how much can you tell us about it? HUSTLE is a story told at street level. It’s about two young hustlers who try to extort a client that’s already being blackmailed by a vicious psychopath. The hero in the story isn’t a cop, it’s an old biker who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. That’s as “white hat” as the characters get in this book. They’re bad people caught up in the rough underbelly of life. […]

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