Throwing Knuckleballs

Okay. I’ll be honest. It’s been tougher than hell to crank out a blog during these past few weeks. Mostly because I didn’t want to weep onto the page. Life has been throwing me its own series of Knuckleballs as I prepared for the release of the book.  In fact it’s made me shy away from everything but pacing a well-worn patch in my living room floor.

chew nails

I know many of you experience this syndrome: You sit down and begin to type a pleasant social media status update and realize you’re only tapping bitterness onto the keys. You don’t want to sound like a whiny son-of-a-bitch, so you bite your lip, clench your fists, and hold off. And then, you know, try to work the shit out in real life. Yeah, I said it: real life.

stop whining

I could only do this for so long before duty called. I’d promised One Eye, the publisher of my new novella, that I’d be trying to squeeze out a few more blogs than normal.

Then I checked my blog and realized I hadn’t “squeezed” one out since my last book was released—a year ago! However, I’d made this promise before life’s minutia rose up in rebellion and decided to string me up like Saddam Hussein and thwack me like a piñata.


Thank God it was just the minutia rising up. My family is healthy and happy. We’ve always been a tight little unit and we were able to spend a lot of time together over the last week and I was reminded, one again, to focus on the positive, count my blessings, and otherwise shut the hell up! When you’re with your family, crowded around the grill cooking a tri-tip and there are grins on everyone’s faces, you’re reminded not to shake your fist at God, but to laugh and say, What else you got??


So, here it is: My new novella, KNUCKLEBALL. I’m a proud papa once again. Ron over at One Eye did a great job with the cover and the layout. Tweaking both as they needed it and ultimately coming out with a sharp-looking product that I’m pleased as punch to stick up on my shelf, and hopefully your shelves too.

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