Jesus Murphy!

Jesus Murphy, or Holy Crap, or the obligatory Oh My God!

Jesus with .45

Has it really been a year since I’ve blogged? I guess that’s evidence of two things: 1) I’m a somewhat self-serving blogger–the last time I posted was when HUSTLE was released. And/or: 2) I’m not very opinionated. If I do have an opinion, it’s often quashed as I hear my mother’s voice, deep in my muddled conscience, saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say ….”

Yeah, well, there’s that too. Thanks, Mom. It seems I’ve been able to extend my ultra-Canadian trait of not wanting to ruffle any feathers to the wild and woolly internet where opinions are fired off like Chinatown firecrackers on the 4th of July. That’s okay. I’ll save my darker side for the fiction.

The one thing I know cannot be the reason: I am lazy.

howIcomeoffGoddamn it, I’m one of the hardest working motherfuckers I know.

I won’t go into my list of accomplishments for the year, suffice to say I’ve been busy enough for my family to repeatedly request I take it down a notch.

However, since completing another novel some two weeks ago, I’ve found myself getting itchy. I promised myself that I’d pause and take a breath before the next project and spare some time for promotion of the new novella, Knuckleball, and catch up with a few odds and ends. You know, stop and smell the stinking roses.

My to-do list has grown shorter. I’ve actually managed to watch a few TV shows. But does it feel like a break? A vacation? No. Fuck no. It feels like a big black cloud of guilt floating over me whenever I have a spare minute.


Anyway … I just wanted to make sure this site still worked. It does. Test complete. In the immortal words or our not-yet-late and wasn’t-too-great Governor: “I’ll be back!”






It’s nice to see y’all again. And stop calling me lazy!








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