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Okay, this isn’t exactly an op-ed piece, but I wanted to mention that this Monday (January 6th 7pm PST) I’ll be part of the Dazed Digital Radio Broadcast. Along with Nikki Palomino and Rob Pierce hosting, the guests are Punk Globe’s infamous Ginger Coyote, the Specials’ Roddy Byers and the Screamin’ Siren’s Rosie Flores. Quite a crew. (I know what you’re thinkin’: Why they letting Pitts in the room?)

There’ll be a fiery round-table discussion of important cultural topics like:

California Punk rock in the 80s, and isn’t it terrible that it’s still around? I mean really, 12-year-old kids with Black Flag shirts? The Misfits at Walmart? What the hell is goin’ on? Join for an in-depth look back at the way things were and the way they should have gone—damn it!

If y’all have any questions you’d like me to work in, leave them in the comments any I’ll step on tongues and toes to get ’em in.

Rosie Flores

If that’s not enough fun, Swill Magazine’s Rob Pierce will be playing his customary on-air drinking game where every time he takes a sip he has to drink.


If you’re not familiar with Ginger’s Punk Globe Magazine, you should be. In an interview I described it as a “cross between Maximum RocknRoll and TMZ.” How could anyone pass that up? They’ve published a few of my stories (here and there) and a few articles, too (here and there.)

So, we’ll see y’all Monday. Thanks for tuning in.



The official notice: “Punk Grunge January starts next week the 6th 10pm EST/ 7pm PST with PunkGlobe Magazine’s Ginger Coyote as my special guest co-host, Short Dogs Grow’s Tom Pitts, Rosie Flores Screamin’ Sirens, and Roddy Byers The Specials along with co-host Rob Pierce(Swill Magazine) and your former grunge rock musician/ author/ journalist Nikki Palomino on DAZED at www.digital-radio103.com
#ILoveDigitalRadio103 #PunkGrunge

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