American Static is a stunning achievement and nobody could have written it but Tom Pitts. Pitts ain’t just the real deal: he set the mold for what the real deal is, and the rest of us are just plastic copies.”

—Benjamin Whitmer, author of Pike and Cry Father

American Static grabs you by the collar and drags you through a dirty, dangerous tour of San Francisco. Tom Pitts serves up noir just the way you want it—dark, relentless, and inevitable.”

—Rob Hart author of New Yorked, City of Rose, and South Village

American Static is a remarkable novel, a ride with brilliant twists and turns and a relentless momentum, racing to an ending both unavoidable and unexpected.”

—Steve Weddle, author of Country Hardball

“Fast-paced, gritty and laugh out loud funny, nobody is safe in Tom Pitts’ maniac thrill ride through the Bay Area. Featuring a burgeoning body count and a memorable collection of antiheroes on all sides of the law, American Static is a hot dose of pure adrenaline that will leave you gasping for breath and begging for more. You’ve been warned!”

—Owen Laukkanen, author of The Forgotten Girls